​​About Me


Who am I?
Why should you read my blog? 
Why would it interest you? 
What is special about someone in their mid sixties who is in a wheelchair?

Overall summary: Upbringing - normal. Schooling - normal. Discovered I could sing - not so normal but it led to theatrical and concert performances for many years and it was through music that I met John, my wonderful husband and carer.

Career: Unplanned and surprising. Highlights include (a) being the author of a book on taxation that was submitted to a charity sale by the Chancellor of the Exchequer at that time, (b) becoming the first female director of the largest UK company offering independent financial advice and (c) giving a lecture on the Cunard ship Queen Elizabeth 2. I ended my career as Group Strategic Planning Director for one of the largest international insurance brokers. I encountered prejudice, the gender pay gap, glass ceilings and, yes, the sexual harassment that is constantly in our news today. All coped with, no harm done - it’s amazing what a hard slap can achieve when someone steps out of line!

Personal: Unfortunate. My body’s internal wiring and plumbing are both rubbish. I have MS so every day is an adventure in what has to be coped with; meanwhile a hereditary renal condition saw off my kidneys and I am only alive today due to the extraordinary generosity of a friend who gave me a kidney in August 2008. The drugs I take have made me diabetic and, just for good measure, let’s also toss into the mix sleep apnoea, asthma and osteoporosis. Oh, and I’m also left handed…

Final note: When I was at infants school the teachers would swap the pencil from my left hand into my right - 'lefties' being the ‘spawn of the devil’ and all that - but as soon as they weren't looking I would swap it back. Despite this I have always enjoyed writing and hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I will enjoy writing it.